Training Briefs

Training Briefs are developed by the Common Manual Policy Committee to assist community participants in understanding how the Common Manual is managed and updated, how to access Common Manual information, and how to participate in the policy development process.

Brief 1
Explains the new chart/table numbering system and how to access information quickly.

Brief 2
Describes updates to the history appendix (appendix H) and the new content of appendix F.

Brief 3
Describes the structural changes made to the core chapters of the manual.

Brief 4
Describes a restructuring matrix provided with the July 2003 update of the manual. The matrix assists users in locating policy guidance that has been moved to new chapters.

Brief 5
Provides instructions on how to download the Integrated Common Manual (ICM).

Brief 6
Describes the features and benefits of the Integrated Common Manual (ICM).

Brief 7
Provides search tips for the Integrated Common Manual (ICM).

Brief 8
Provides instructions on how to subscribe to the Common Manual’s Public Listserv.

Brief 9
Describes how an idea or new requirement becomes a Common Manual policy.

Brief 10
Provides a pictorial of the policy proposal development process flow.

Brief 11 (removed)

Brief 12
Describes the structure, function and responsibilities of the Common Manual Governing Board.

Brief 13
Provides instructions on how to exedite the development of new policies for the Common Manual.

Brief 14
Provides instructions on how to draft a proposed policy for consideration by the Common Manual. A MERGE TEMPLATE in Word is provided.

Brief 15
Provides instructions on how to identify and submit technical corrections to the Common Manual.

Brief 16
Provides instructions and an exercise in how to research policy questions using the Integrated Common Manual.

Brief 17
Provides an explanation and a chart of restructuring of the 2005 version of the Common Manual, in which Chapter 4 was divided with specific sections relocated into a new chapter 9.

Brief 18 (removed)